Jardimals animal workshop

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The idea for Jardimals came when some moulds were discovered in an abandoned basement. That was back in 2012. We played with the moulds and cast a few garden ornaments in various media simply to see…

I also suppose that Jardimals needs some explaining too: well as we are engilsh and spanish speakers, after a long period and lots of paper trying out ideas we opted for Jardimals being from “Jardín”, the spanish for garden and the “mals” from animals. In Spain this will be pronounced “Hardimals” which we like too as our animals are certainly hard.

So a year later and a couple of months photographing poison arrow frogs in Costa Rica the idea moved from “nebulous” to “in embryo”.
The first thing really was a lot of research. Whilst we had some knowledge of how to go about this neither of us had done this before. Instead of pouring cement into a mould we were going to have to make the moulds ourselves.

Trying to find the materials we needed in Spain was proving to be either extremely costly or impossible. We looked to the UK where a number of sites supplied what we were needing. So all the latex and mould making equipment was ordered. Next we bought potter’s clay to make the former, the positive from which the mould would be taken, (I think we will switch to sculptor’s plasticine.) We also needed fibreglass, but that was easily obtainable here in Spain.


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The found moulds


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